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Updated: 1 hour 11 min ago

Apple Music releases trailer for Bad Boy Records doc - CNET

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 21:16
The documentary is expected to debut on June 25 exclusively on Apple Music.

'Doomsday' worm uses seven NSA exploits (WannaCry used two) - CNET

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 21:08
The recently discovered EternalRocks joins a set of highly infectious bugs created from the NSA's leaked tools.

Tesla brings back unlimited free Supercharging* - Roadshow

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 21:00
That asterisk is mighty important, though.

Tom Holland lands 'Uncharted' lead - CNET

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 20:44
The "Spider-Man: Homecoming" actor will do franchise double duty as both Spidey and a young Nathan Drake.

​DJI: Register your drone on our site, or we'll throttle it - CNET

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 20:41
The China-based drone leader announces it's requiring users to activate the latest firmware, even if the feds don't make you.

'Wonder Woman' won't have a post-credits scene, so jet home - CNET

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 20:38
Head straight back to Themyscira after the movie ends, unless you really want to know who the assistant to the hairdresser's assistant was.

​Pittsburgh proceeds with caution on Uber's self-driving cars - CNET

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 20:34
The city welcomed the experiment with open arms nine months ago but now reportedly feels Uber hasn't lived up to its end of the bargain.

The 2017 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is now even more of a bargain - Roadshow

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 20:07
It's also the only EV you can buy as a convertible, although there are some trade-offs.

Uber wants you to put in work for your Manhattan UberPool - Roadshow

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 19:38
Riders might have to walk an extra block, but it should make the drive much easier.

Headphone deal: Bose SoundTrue Around-Ear II headphone for $70 - CNET

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 19:34
Bose is blowing out the Android version of its discontinued wired over-ear headphones.

Google is clobbering Apple in smart home, AI and more (The 3:59, Ep. 231) - CNET

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 18:43
We also hit on the WannaCry ransomware and Evan Williams' comments about President Trump.

2018 Fiat 500L facelift proves some ugly ducklings become ugly swans - Roadshow

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 18:37
I still believe it looks like a Fiat 500 that was stung by several dozen angry bees.

Lonely penguin seeks mate through online dating site - CNET

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 18:36
Spruce the penguin is young, single and looking for a girlfriend through online dating site Plenty of Fish.

Gang robs Russian banks with over 1M hacked Android phones - CNET

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 18:28
Hackers stole thousands from bank customers in a heist across Russia using fake apps, pornography and insecure phones.

Feds investigate Hyundai, Kia for 1.7M-vehicle engine recall - Roadshow

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 18:14
The investigation will look into whether or not enough vehicles were recalled, and if the recall itself was as timely as it could be.

LG X Venture is a rugged phone that won't hurt your wallet - CNET

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 17:29
The mass-market phone is dust- and water-resistant and designed for people who enjoy the great outdoors.

Fiat gives 2018 500L a facelift, but you can't fix ugly - Roadshow

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 17:27
It's unclear when this new 500L will make its way to the US, as the announcement only covers the European model at the moment.

'Angry Birds' sequel set for September 2019 release - CNET

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 17:15
The original film, based on the hit mobile game franchise, grossed nearly $350 million globally.

Watch Porsche morph through seven generations of 911 - Roadshow

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 17:04
The words may change every so often, but the song remains the same.

New telescope has already found 3 rare mystery signals - CNET

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 16:51
The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder is poised to make history if it helps solve the origin of fast radio bursts.