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Mis à jour : il y a 3 heures 59 sec

Twitter’s violence rules don't apply to military, governments - CNET

il y a 3 heures 13 min
The social network wants to be a safer place for its users. Enforcement of the rules, though, could prove tricky.

Interstellar asteroid 'Oumuamua has a crust but no aliens - CNET

il y a 3 heures 21 min
Scientists have been studying the strange space rock from beyond our solar system. There's plenty of weirdness, but no signs of E.T. aboard ... so far.

BMW bets big on solid-state batteries for next-gen electric cars - Roadshow

il y a 3 heures 55 min
The automaker has partnered with a solid-state battery company to bring this tech to consumers.

Relax by a yule log with Lil BUB the internet cat - CNET

il y a 4 heures 24 min
Famous cat Lil BUB purrs, snorts, and wheezes the night away in front of a roaring fireplace in this festive hour-long video.

Toyota to introduce 10 electric cars by mid-2020s - Roadshow

il y a 4 heures 36 min
Additionally, its whole lineup will be electrified by about 2025.

That Cuphead app for iOS is '100% fake,' developers say - CNET

il y a 5 heures 5 min
Sorry, but the $4.99 "Cuphead" app for Apple devices is a complete scam.

Twitter's fight against harassment kicks into a higher gear - CNET

il y a 5 heures 13 min
The social network releases more details on how it will punish those engaging in abusive and hateful behavior.

Amazon's Digital Day is coming back on Dec. 29 - CNET

il y a 5 heures 17 min
You can expect deals from Amazon on all things downloadable, like apps, movies and games.

Facebook cracks down on 'like this if' bait in your news feed - CNET

il y a 5 heures 28 min
Breathe a sigh of relief as we say goodbye to one type of spammy post on Facebook.

Get 4 Tile trackers for $49.99 - CNET

il y a 6 heures 29 min
Know someone who's always losing their keys, wallet, purse, etc.? This might be the perfect gift. Plus: the best printer deal is back!

Baby tech makers, please figure out what parents actually need - CNET

il y a 7 heures 10 min
Commentary: There’s a growing list of kid tech like oxygen sensors, scales and Wi-Fi cameras. But I’ve barely bought in because most of this stuff misses the point.

It’s un-elfin’-believable what toys can do now - CNET

il y a 7 heures 29 min
This year's top holiday toys come to life in new ways by responding to voice and motion commands.

Impostor Syndrome: How I fight the feelings that I'm a fake - CNET

il y a 7 heures 31 min
Commentary: It’s hard to be creative when a voice in your head keeps saying you suck. CNET's Bonnie Burton shares her struggle with Impostor Syndrome, and tips for conquering it.

Google gets into the spirit with Holiday Doodle series - CNET

il y a 8 heures 44 min
Google is set to tell a story through the medium of Doodles over the coming weeks.

Vainglory's World Championships shows mobile e-sports is a thing - CNET

il y a 10 heures 10 min
With twelve teams and over $140,000 up for grabs, the Razer 2017 Vainglory World Championships in Singapore played out to a full house.

Amazon Prime UK could face probe over late deliveries - CNET

il y a 11 heures 5 min
UK’s Advertising Standards Authority is mulling an investigation into Amazon Prime after shoppers complain they’re not receiving shipments as quickly as advertised.

Feds reportedly spent $22M on mysterious UFO program - CNET

dim, 12/17/2017 - 22:56
Program was discontinued in 2012, but its backers say it still exists, the New York Times reports.

Ian McKellen wants to play Gandalf in Amazon 'Rings' series - CNET

dim, 12/17/2017 - 20:28
Since the "Lord of the Rings" wizard is 7,000 years old, the actor feels he can still do the role justice at 78.

'Game of Thrones' final season is 'bigger than it's ever been' - CNET

dim, 12/17/2017 - 18:00
Take it from the King in the North: The HBO hit is coming back with a vengeance, though we still don't know when.

Jodie Foster revisits 'Silence of the Lambs' to troll Trump - CNET

dim, 12/17/2017 - 17:02
Hannibal Lecter (Stephen Colbert) helps Clarice Starling with Robert Mueller's probe into the president's Russia ties.