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_EN_ English
image: budda Citizens' cooperation for economic + legal analysis, applied science, rational politics, financial markets + investment.
_DE_ Deutsch
image: budda Bürgerkooperation für wirtschaftliche + rechtliche Analyse, angewandte Wissenschaft, rationale Politik, Finanzmärkte + Investition.
_FR_ Français
image: budda Coopération de citoyens pour l'analyse économique + juridique, les sciences appliquées, la politique rationnelle, les marchés financiers + l'investissement.
_ES_ Español
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_PT_ Português
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_RU_ Русский
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_ZH_ 中文
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_JP_ 日本語
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_AR_ العربية
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 img: kiss _EN_ We like: ...
Intelligence, freedom, true democracy, equal rights, rational politics, technology, innovation, image: budda science, nature, labor and wealth for all, modern family, children and education, a long life span in full health.
img: hell _EN_ We dislike: ...
Lobbying, bureaucracy, corruption, greed, usury, oligarchies called democracy, wars and killing humans, robbing and destroying our planet, reducing men and women and children to economic factors, discrimination, klling humans by overmedication.
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